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About Me

A proud Newport, Rhode Island local with roots tracing back generations, I bring warmth and storytelling finesse to my work as a writer and editor. My knack for blending humanity with depth has earned me a reputation as a trusted editorial strategist. I contribute to beloved publications in the region and across the country, and penned “Legendary Locals of Newport.”


Working with Annie on the RI Local Agriculture and Seafood Act Grantee Showcase was an ideal experience. She was efficient and independent in getting the job done, her writing was uniformly beautiful, and she even collected the photos we needed. We thoroughly enjoyed working with Annie!

Annie has been an excellent feature writer for 41N magazine for several years; now serving as a freelance contributing editor as well, she brings insights and experience to support our small team. She is helping to keep us on track to meet deadlines, she tightens up and refines content with her practiced editorial eye, and she has been a terrific partner in discussing and developing everything from big-picture concepts to story ideas. I truly appreciate her willingness to have the tough (but tactful) conversations that make our magazine better–which is what we all want. I am grateful to have her on board!

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